Kunitachi College of Music Library
A Catalogue of Early Printed Editions
of the Works of L.v.Beethoven
Structure of the Catalogue
Order by Opus Numbers
By Op numbers (with Op numbers, without Op numbers, collections)
For the same edition, based on Beethoven Main Catalogue by Kinsky/Halm (Henle, 1955) in the following manner:
Original edition, re-issue, second edition
Later edition, re-issue, second edition
Registration number (Microfilm number)
Ex. - S11-806 (M2-247)
If no number is provided, the item has not yet been microfilmed but will eventually been done so.
Opus number (reference to arrangement, excerpt, etc.)
Ex. - Op.21 (Arr. Piano, 4 hands)
Title page transcription
Title page with [ ] - title page is missing but other sources supply information (sources are disclosed in the texts)
[Missing title page]
[No title page]
Symbols used:
/ : end of line (if no space to the next alphabet, no line change but change of the alphabet)
[r.:] : right
[l.:] : left
(!) : as spelled in the original data
€: end of short line within a block
[3][ink] : g3h entered in ink
([ ]) : Paste-over label
1. Physical descriptions; type and size of copy (measurement in centimeters)
* Ex.: 4 parts, 34.5 x 27(28.5 x 20); title page(27.5 x 20) -> 4 parts, 34.5 x 27 (plate size = 28.5 x 20); title page plate size = 27.5 x 20
Plate size entered only for engraved editions; title page plate size only it is different from score page
2. Collation; instruments and pagination
* Ex.: Violine: Title, blank, Music(2-16), blank -> the name of instrument: title page, blank back page, music (pagination from 2 to 16), blank back page.
Instrument name as per music; if none, shown in ([ ])
Other pages such as subscriber list and prologue, described as per music. If none, appropriate English is used. Advertising page = Ad.
3. Plate number * Ex.: Plate Number: 192.; 195 on pp. 16, 21, 26 of the pf part ->
Plate Number 192, but plate Number 195 only on page 16, 21 and 26 of the piano part
No plate numbered music -> described as "none"
No plate numbered page -> none on p.17. Also describes different plate numbers per pages
4. Printing method
Engraved, Lithographed, and/or Typeset. If title page is lithographed but the remaining is engraved -> engraved; title page in lithography. Since the editor was unable to technically distinguish lithography from planography, the term glithographyh was used even when a particular time period could imply a use of planography.
5. Title shown other than title page -> described as half title, cover title, head title. (transcription principles follow those of the title page)
6. Various other descriptions:
Preceding first music line, at top (foot) of first page of music, etc. (transcription principles follow those of the title page)
7. Language in vocal score ; if multilingual, in order as described on the score
8. Notes
Plate replacements and amendments
Paper and watermarks
Title page decoration and color
Differences in existing catalogues (Kinsky-Halm Catalogue, Hoboken Collection Catalogue and Beethoven Bibliography Database (BBD)
With or without metronome symbols
Additional imprint and music arranger supplemented from the existing catalogues by the editor

Imprint , Edition and History, Comments on Period Inference and History, and References
1. Imprint and Period
Although publishing matters are described in the title page transcription section, a separate section is provided here. In the title page transcription section, location names and publishing companies are described in various languages, such as French, Italian, and German. Under this section, location names are expressed in a local language, and publishing companies are uniformly described in the most widely known manner. If music was published in more than 2 locations, only the major location is listed. For details, please see the title page transcription section. A period is expressed in ([ ]), unless specified in music. Basis for period inference is provided under Comments and References

2. Edition and History
Describes bibliographical place. Descriptions based on English translation of Kinsky-Halm: Das Werk Beethovens, D. Krummel: Music Printing and Publishing, 1990, and D. Krummel: Guide for Dating Early Published Music, 1970.

List of terms:
Original edition: Kinsky-Halm Catalogue gOriginal Ausgabeh. First publication with composers' reviews.
First edition: Used for first editions of arrangements and vocal scores.
Second (Third) edition: Second (or third) publication by the same or affiliated publisher. Different plate, title pate design, description, and plate number as a basic principle. If deviated from the basic principle, explanations are provided. If a specific edition cannot be determined but may be assumed, it is marked with (?).
Later edition: When not necessary to provide history, period is much later, and/or a specific edition cannot be assumed.
Re-issue: When music and texts are the same but published by a different publisher, and published by the same publisher with price and design changes. Explains revisions.
Separate issue: Excerpts from vocal scores for operas and large scaled vocal music and music collection sets.
State: Revisions of music text, plate replacements, additions. If a copy is both re-issue and state, re-issue is used. Explains revisions.
Late impression: No changes on title page and text but later impression is clearly determinable based on advertising items and paper quality.
Proof: Proofed music
Complete works series: Complete works series of Breitkopf & Härtel, Haslinger, and Dunst
Earliest printing: Published materials prior to the original editions, and first published materials after a passage of time without publication of the original
Handwritten copy: Manuscripts

3. Editor' s comments on Period Inference and others include:
From plate number
From changes in prices
From watermarks and paper quality
From advertising items attached to music

4. References
"Not listed in Kinsky-Halm" if not listed specifically in Kinsky-Halm
Commonly used bibliography in abbreviated manner
If only used for specific music, a complete bibliographical information is provided.

Bibliography Abbreviation List
BBD: The Beethoven Bibliography Database
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